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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #17

The Dragon’s Hoard #17 © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Miguel Colon, Alex Riggs, Mike Myler, Robert J. Grady, Michael “solomani” Mifsud, Darrin Drader, Matt Kimmel, Scott D. Young.

27 Records Found

Name Type Source
Bladed Belt magicitem
Bliss Dragon, Adult creature
Bliss Dragon, Ancient creature
Bliss Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Bliss Dragon, Young creature
Boots of Equilibrium magicitem
Boots of Sinister Shadow magicitem
Chakram of Windfire magicitem
Coffer of Riches magicitem
Disrupt Silence spell
Elixir of Arcane Concordance magicitem
Energy Shroud Ring magicitem
Frosty Chiseler creature ,
Heretic’s Bane magicitem
Leshy, Leaf creature
Mitre of the Hierophant magicitem
Potion of Magma Form magicitem
Radiant Rod magicitem
Ringblade magicitem
Scabbard of Keen Edges magicitem
Scroll of Extension magicitem
Scroll of Extension, Greater magicitem
Scroll of Spell Shaping magicitem
Spider Wand magicitem
Triad Bracelet magicitem
Urchin Smock magicitem
Zombie Skin Shield magicitem
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