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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #24

The Dragon’s Hoard #24 © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Miguel Colon, Alex Riggs, Mike Myler, Robert J. Grady, Michael “solomani” Mifsud, Darrin Drader, Matt Kimmel, Scott D. Young.

36 Records Found

Name Type Source
Accursed background
Backstabber’s Blade magicitem
Black Blood Elixir magicitem
Black Mage classoption
Breastplate of Command magicitem
Cloak of Weakness magicitem
Cruel Jaunt spell
Curdled Doom magicitem
Decapitate spell
Dreadscape spell
Fatesplitter magicitem
Flesh of Many Skins feat
Glove of Strength Sapping magicitem
Impossible Angles spell
Leshy, Gourd creature
Life Blast spell
Longarm Draught magicitem
Mace of Portents magicitem
Maze of Madness and Suffering spell
Mothman creature
Necromantic Box magicitem
Necrotic Nimbus spell
Path of Blood classoption
Pessimism spell
Ring of Cold Vengeance magicitem
Ring of Stammering magicitem
Ring of Wariness magicitem
Sense Fear spell
Skin Slough spell
Sorcerous Damnation feat
Straitjacket spell
Swarm Shield magicitem
Torpid Reanimation spell
Trilling Recorder magicitem
Warder’s Charm magicitem
Waves of Blood spell
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