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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #26

The Dragon’s Hoard #26 © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Robert J. Grady, Darrin Drader, James-Levi Cooke.

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Name Type Source
Alpha Instinct spell
Apocalyptic Survivor feat
Assassin’s Band magicitem
Awareness on Dark Winds feat
Battle-Bo of the Daredevil magicitem
Blade of the Bloodthirsty magicitem
Bleed for your Master spell
Blighted Birthplace background
Burning Bracers magicitem
Cage Bubbles magicitem
Callback spell
Clockwork Songbird creature
Cold Rider creature ,
Echo spell
Everyday Vest magicitem
Explosion of Rot spell
Fiendfoe feat
Font Phial magicitem
Ghoster Unit magicitem
Glowlash Manacles magicitem
Greyblade magicitem
Holy Ice spell
Jagged Vest magicitem
Ki Rings magicitem
Lever of Harmony magicitem
Mirage spell
Norn creature
Redeemed Scoundrel feat
Reply Tracks spell
Resplendent Robe magicitem
Rime Scroll magicitem
Rod of Gainful Sorcery magicitem
Senses of the Shrike feat
Shattered Ground spell
Shield of Excellence magicitem
Snowball spell
Soothing Mud spell
Staff of Amber magicitem
Thrallborn feat
Troll, Mountain creature
Twisted Flesh feat
Warp Sense feat
Winter’s Grasp spell
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