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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #27

The Dragon’s Hoard #27 © 2023, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Michael Mifsud, Robert J. Grady, Darrin Drader, James-Levi Cooke.

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Name Type Source
Abrikandilu creature
Aether Domain classoption
Alpluachra creature
Aura Alteration spell
Barn Shield magicitem
Bloodstone Collar magicitem
Clockwork Wyrmling creature
Comprehend the Corrupted feat
Dark Power Adept feat
Doom Harvester spell
Dragon’s Eye Staff magicitem
Effortless Armor spell
Empty Flesh spell
Enemy Hammer spell
Force Punch spell
Furious Weapon magicitem
Gauntlets of Surety magicitem
Gild-Master’s Tools magicitem
Grail Knight classoption
Gravity Projectile spell
Gravity Projectile, Greater spell
Heavyload Harness magicitem
Hunter’s Headband magicitem
Implacable Crusade spell
Initiate of Thanatokenesis feat
Invite Attack spell
Opportunist’s Weapon magicitem
Paradox spell
Pebble to Boulder spell
Polyphonic Gel creature
Polyphonic Plasm creature
Potion of Shadow Healing magicitem
Rage Against Death spell
Ring of Hawfire magicitem
Robe of the Venerable Grandmaster magicitem
Steal Dying Breath spell
Steam-Powered Clockwork Dragon creature
Telekinetic Charge spell
The Harvester magicitem
Warmonger Devil (Levaloch) creature
Web-Spinning Lyre magicitem
Winged Horseshoes magicitem
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