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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #28

The Dragon’s Hoard #28 © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Robert J. Grady, Darrin Drader, James-Levi Cooke.

34 Records Found

Name Type Source
Arcanamach’s Vambrace magicitem
Bhole creature
Blade of the Storm Wind magicitem
Bogatyr Blade magicitem
Burst Bonds spell
Chag Beetle creature
Chaosbreaker magicitem
Circlet of Blasting magicitem
Deep One Hybrid race
Desert Evening Armor magicitem
Detect Metal spell
Faceless Stalker creature
Fire Vampire creature
Grasping Shadow spell
Greater Castigate spell
Gumshoes magicitem
Heart of the Metal spell
Hydraulic Lash spell
Hydraulic School (Wizard Tradition) classoption
Hydraulic Torrent spell
Lionheart Torc magicitem
Love Note magicitem
Mask of Shadows spell
Mythscourge magicitem
Quickchange Armor magicitem
Seamantle spell
Shadow Stash spell
Spellsurge Syrup magicitem
Stay the Hand spell
Sunsilver Shield magicitem
Ward of the Moon Goddess magicitem
Warp Metal spell
Whisper Stone magicitem
Wreath of Verdant Moon magicitem
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