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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #31

The Dragon’s Hoard #31 © 2023, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Robert J. Grady, James-Levi Cooke.

35 Records Found

Name Type Source
Amulet of Mighty Strikes magicitem
Angry Mob spell
Antiflame Aura spell
Ash Giant Prophet creature
Blazing Robe magicitem
Boots of Flamestriding magicitem
Burning Pinwheels spell
Castaway’s Flare magicitem
Cinder Ghoul creature
Combusted creature
Demand Offering spell
Dissonant Canticle magicitem
Fearful Rapture spell
Feathered Mat of Paradise magicitem
Fetid Phial magicitem
Fire Charm spell
Fire Fountains spell
Firebird Leather magicitem
Firefly Dart magicitem
Flame Spiders spell
Giant, Ash creature
Golem, Lead creature
Ground Shield magicitem
Heat Swarm creature
Jungle Vapor magicitem
Martyr’s Salvation magicitem
Orgiastic Rite spell
Robe of the Fire Rat magicitem
Smoke Steed spell
Staff of Pyrotechnics magicitem
Torch-Wielding Mob spell
Vest of Healing magicitem
Wall of Smoke spell
Wand of Death Disruption magicitem
Wand of Perturbation magicitem
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