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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #33

The Dragon’s Hoard #33 © 2023, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Miguel Colon, Scott D. Young, Matt Kimmel, Jeff Lee, James Abendroth.

40 Records Found

Name Type Source
Al-Ruhban creature
Bashing Blade spell
Blinding Spittle spell
Blistering Radiance spell
Daggerspell Stance spell
Delay Death spell
Erlking creature
Fife of Liberty magicitem
Find Temple spell
Gloves of Paired Weapons magicitem
Hawkeye spell
Healing Gift spell
Healing Lore spell
Healing Sting spell
Hymenoptera’s Hand magicitem
Immolation Scale magicitem
Inscrutable Grimoire spell
Jinete de Tormento creature
Listening spell
Medusa, Euryale creature
Minotaur Sweat magicitem
Nixie Dew magicitem
Oath of the Black Knight (Paladin Oath) classoption
Oath of the Dark Deacon (Paladin Oath) classoption
Oath of the Grim Falconer (Paladin Oath) classoption
Phase Weapon spell
Pilferer’s Gloves magicitem
Plague Rat Buckle magicitem
Prophet’s Tablet magicitem
Ray of Light spell
Razor Couters magicitem
Ring of Tactical Teamwork magicitem
Rod of Dwarven Might magicitem
Serpentiginous Gloves magicitem
Swift Haste spell
Sword of Subtlety magicitem
Tengu race
Tengu Wings feat
Threefold Knocker magicitem
Titan, Thanatotic creature
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