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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #34

The Dragon’s Hoard #34 © 2023, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Ismael Alvarez, Miguel Colon, Jeff Lee, Michael Mifsud.

38 Records Found

Name Type Source
Agile Alpenstock magicitem
Azure Pollen magicitem
Balanced Breastplate magicitem
Bloodthirst Dagger magicitem
Conduit of the Black Blade feat
Conserving Crossbow magicitem
Cruel Kiss of Thunder feat
Cuegle creature
Deinos creature
Deinos Herd creature
Ectoplasmic Snare spell
Everwake Ring magicitem
Forgefist Oil magicitem
Ghost Hunter’s Mantle spell
Glacier of Hate feat
Glassee Gloves magicitem
Glowstick magicitem
Golembane Oil magicitem
Halo of Inner Calm magicitem
Helm of Certain Sanity magicitem
Lightning Ring spell
Lion’s Charge spell
Lion’s Roar spell
Lionheart spell
Lover’s Knot magicitem
Magnetic Rod magicitem
Manifest spell
Mind Sentinel Medallion magicitem
Mummer’s Ruff magicitem
Nauseating Breath spell
Oath of the Heretical Student classoption
Sewer Swarm spell
Stormlure Staff magicitem
Stormrage spell
Titan, Hekatonkheires creature
Trail of Filth spell
Trapspringer’s Wand magicitem
Wind Tunnel spell
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