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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #36

The Dragon’s Hoard #36 © 2023, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Darrin Drader, RJ Grady, Thilo Graf, Matt Kimmel, Mike Myler, Margherita Tramontano, Scott D. Young, Drew Zambrotta.

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Name Type Source
Amphisbaena creature
Angel of Wrath classoption
Angelic Aspect spell
Angelic Steed spell
Bandit’s Cloak magicitem
Banishing Blade spell
Belt of Tumbling magicitem
Blessed Silver Strike spell
Censer of Concentration magicitem
Challenge Evil spell
Clockwork Angel creature
Clothes of the Ever-Ready Explorer magicitem
Cloudgazer Drops magicitem
Cord of Stubborn Resolve magicitem
Daemon, Charon creature
Darksire Scepter magicitem
Delver’s Plate magicitem
Eclipse Wand magicitem
Elixer of Inner Breath magicitem
Escape Dust magicitem
Escape Route spell
Forgetful Slumber spell
Intercessory Martyr spell
Mass Martyrdom spell
Natural Whispers spell
Pumpkin Vault magicitem
Rod of Lucky Vigor magicitem
Sacred Vows (Paladin Class Feature) classoption
Sacrificial Strike spell
Sarangu creature
Scroll of Spellstealing magicitem
Seasonal Ward spell
Solar Shroud spell
Sophisticate Sense spell
Spellthrust Poinard magicitem
Swift Sickle magicitem
Urban Grace spell
Verdant Knight classoption
Vrykolakas creature
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