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Name Type Publisher Source
Alchemical Ooze Swarm, Melancholic creature
Book of the Banned magicitem
Caller in Darkness creature
Dying Curse spell
Elixir of Mutable Flesh magicitem
Entombed in Ice spell
Explorer Ranger classoption
Fairy Blessing feat
Fearful Rapture spell
Funeral Pyre spell
Graven Guardian, A’an creature
Graven Guardian, Ibis creature
Graven Guardian, Moon creature
Hauberk-in-Motley magicitem
Hieroglyphic Barrier spell
Jester classoption
Map of the Trailblazer magicitem
Moonlight spell
Oil of Stone Shape magicitem
Orgiastic Rite spell
Potion of Blur magicitem
Potion of Burrowing magicitem
Pyroclastic Rod magicitem
Radiant Pharaoh’s Mail magicitem
Rod of the Arcane Cenotaph magicitem
Scarab Scourge magicitem
Scout’s Spyglass magicitem
Signet of the Life Pharaoh magicitem
Slippers of Star-Striding magicitem
Strangling Straps magicitem
Thoth’s Crescent spell
Threefold Moons of Thoth spell
Tiger’s Fang magicitem
True Love’s Kiss feat
Wand of Aquafire magicitem
Wand of Ash Storm magicitem