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Content Source: The Grimdark Pamphlet

The Grimdark Pamphlet. Copyright 2020, Rising Phoenix Games; Author: Rodney Sloan. Copyright 2020, Rising Phoenix Games; Author: Rodney Sloan

33 Records Found

Name Type Source
Aberrant Bloodline classoption
Animate Broom spell
Ash Dwarf race
Backstreet Brawler feat
Blaggard feat
Blaggard feat
Bounty Hunter feat
Carpenter Surgeon feat
Curse spell
Cutlass and Pistol feat
Deadman’s Hand magicitem
Drowned Cleric classoption
Duelist feat
Eager Blade magicitem
Emblem of Fire magicitem
Gunnery feat
Hooked Hand feat
Leech, Dire creature
Mask classoption
Mind Balm spell
Mutant race
Net Fighter feat
One-Eyed Shooter feat
Peg Leg feat
Phooka race
Savo Elf race
Slave background
Street Smarts feat
The Headhunter’s Coin magicitem
The Leviathan classoption
Valke race
Waves classoption
Witch’s Broom creature
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