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Content Source: The Scarlet Citadel

The Scarlet Citadel. © 2021 Open Design LLC. Authors: Steve Winter, Wolfgang Baur, Scott Gable, and Victoria Jaczo.

44 Records Found

Name Type Source
Bat, Saber-toothed creature
Bezoar magicitem
Bitter Chains spell
Blood Tide spell
Bloodshot spell
Caustic Blood spell
Chains of Perdition spell
Clacker Beetle Soldier creature
Conjure Fiends (Open Design) spell
Dark Lord’s Mantle spell
Death Whistle magicitem
Demon Within spell
Derro Dement creature
Derro Pariah creature
Destructive Resonance spell
Dust Goblin Firstblade creature
Foretell Distraction spell
Gelatinous Cube, Dire creature
Gelatinous Cube/Ochre Jelly Hybrid creature
Ghastly Stave magicitem
Glimpse of the Void spell
Hoarfrost spell
Living Shadows spell
Ooze Plasma magicitem
Owlbear, Dire creature
Potion of Augmented Reality magicitem
Potion of Gelatinous Form magicitem
Potion of Submission magicitem
Reverberate spell
Ring of Being Anchored in Time magicitem
Ring Strike spell
Spinning Axes spell
Sturdy Scroll Tube magicitem
Swarm of Clacker Beetles creature
The Chained Thing creature
The Gaoler creature
Time Construct magicitem
Time Step spell
Time Vortex magicitem
Wafer of Warmth magicitem
Wall of Time magicitem
Weapon of Blood magicitem
Weapon of Nightmares magicitem
Wight, Warlock creature
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