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Content Source: Tome of Alchemy

Tome of Alchemy, © 2020, Necromancer Games; Author Courtney Campbell, Matt Finch

31 Records Found

Name Type Source
Abominable Amorphous Amoeba spell
Acid Bolt spell
Acid Cloud spell
Acid Mist spell
Acid Scourge spell
Acid Storm spell
Adhesion spell
Augmented Olfaction spell
Boiling Oil spell
Buoyancy spell
Burning Blood spell
Control Fluid spell
Control Vapor spell
Corrosive Solvent spell
Crystalbrittle spell
Death Smoke spell
Disperse Vapor spell
Evaporate Fluid spell
Gauntlet spell
Hold Vapor spell
Liquid Modulation spell
Liquid Sphere spell
Neutralize Gas spell
Orb of Containment spell
Preservation of the Flesh spell
Property Transference spell
Protection From Nonmagical Gas spell
Rusting Grasp spell
Stone Flame spell
Venom Ward spell
Vitriolic Sphere spell
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