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Content Source: Tome of Beasts 2

Tome of Beasts 2. © 2020 Open Design LLC; Authors Wolfgang Baur, Celeste Conowitch, Darrin Drader, James Introcaso, Philip Larwood, Jeff Lee, Kelly Pawlik, Brian Suskind, Mike Welham.

410 Records Found

Name Type Source
A-mi-kuk creature
Aalpamac creature
Ahu-Nixta Cataphract creature
Ahu-Nixta Drudge creature
Akaasit creature
Akaasit Blade magicitem
Akhlut creature
Alchemical Skunk creature
Alligator creature
Alligator Turtle creature
Alpha Fish creature
Angel of Judgment creature
Angel, Mead Archon creature
Angel, Uridimmu creature
Angelic Enforcer creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Scorpions creature
Animal Lord, Toad King creature
Animated Bearskin Rug creature
Aniwye creature
Anzu creature
Apaxrusl creature
Arachnocrat creature
Archdruid creature
Armadillo, Giant creature
Ash Phoenix creature
Ashen Custodian creature
Astral Devourer creature
Astri creature
Attercroppe creature
August Rooster creature
Aurora Horribilis creature
Avalanche Screamer creature
Avatar of Chaos creature
Avatar of Forests creature
Avatar of Hate creature
Avatar of Nature creature
Aviere creature
Avulzor creature
Baba Yaga creature
Baboon, Howler creature
Barometz creature
Beetle, Giant Bombardier creature
Beetle, Giant Snow creature
Beetle, Lantern creature
Beetle, Sniffer creature
Befouled Weird creature
Bilby creature
Black Crier creature
Bleakheart creature
Bloodsapper creature
Bloodstone Sentinel creature
Bloody Bones creature
Bloom Hydra creature
Bombardier Beetle, Giant creature
Bone Colossus creature
Boneshard Wraith creature
Bonespitter creature
Boomer creature
Boreal Dragon, Adult creature
Boreal Dragon, Ancient creature
Boreal Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Boreal Dragon, Young creature
Boreas’ Chosen creature
Brachyura Shambler creature
Broodmother of Leng creature
Bulbous Violet creature
Bull creature
Butatsch creature
Cadaver Sprite creature
Carnivorous Ship creature
Carnivorous Sod creature
Catscratch creature
Chameleon Hydra creature
Chatterlome creature
Cherufe creature
Chill Haunt creature
Chimeric Phantom creature
Chronomatic Enhancer creature
Clockwork Archon creature
Compsognathus creature
Crab, Keelbreaker creature
Crab, Sporous creature
Crimson Shambler creature
Crocotta creature
Dagon creature
De Ogen creature
Death Barque creature
Death Vulture creature
Deathspeaker creature
Deathweaver creature
Demon, Culicoid creature
Derro Explorer creature
Derro Guard creature
Derro Shadowseeker creature
Devil, Blood Imp creature
Devil, Nephirron creature
Devil, Scribe creature
Dimensional Shambler creature
Dragon Skeleton template
Dragon, Energy creature
Dragon, Soulhoarder creature
Dragon, Vile creature
Dragonette, Keyhole creature
Drake, Crater creature
Drake, Diminution creature
Drake, Hoard creature
Drake, Hoarfrost creature
Drake, Kelp creature
Drake, Liminal creature
Drake, Sanddrift creature
Drake, Spider creature
Drake, Star creature
Drake, Vine creature
Dread Walker, Excavator creature
Dryad, Mountain creature
Egret Harpy creature
Elemental, Earthstorm creature
Elemental, Fire-Infused Water creature
Elemental, Firestorm creature
Elemental, Ice creature
Elemental, Icestorm creature
Elemental, Magnetic creature
Elemental, Mudslide creature
Elemental, Steamrage creature
Elemental, Volcanic creature
Empusa creature
Eonic Savant creature
Epic Elemental creature
Fabricator creature
Faceless Wanderer creature
Fallen Angel creature
Falsifier Fog creature
Fane Spirit creature
Far Darrig creature
Far Dorocha creature
Felid Dragon creature
Fennec Fox creature
Fenrir creature
Fey Revenant creature
First Harbinger: Strife creature ,
Fleshdreg creature
Fleshspurned creature
Flithidir creature
Forest Emperor creature
Forest Falcon creature
Fourth Harbinger: Death creature ,
Frog, Resinous creature
Frost Mole creature
Future Assassin creature
Galidroo creature
Gaunt One creature
Ghast of Leng, Greater creature
Ghillie Dubh creature
Ghost Machine creature
Ghoul Bat creature
Ghoul, Bloated creature
Giant Husk creature
Giant, Abbanith creature
Giant, Cave Giant Shaman creature
Giant, Phase creature
Giant, Shadow creature
Giant, Snow creature
Giant, Thin creature
Glacial Corrupter creature
Glacier Behemoth creature
Goat, Cave creature
Golem, Bearing creature
Golem, Blasphemous creature
Golem, Death Shroud creature
Golem, Dragonflesh creature
Golem, Vine creature
Gorao-ka creature
Graknork creature
Great Gray Owl creature
Greed Swarm creature
Grimmlet creature
Grimmlet Swarm creature
Grove Bear creature
Guiguai creature
Gulper Behemoth creature
Gygazaks creature
Haleshi creature
Hantu Penanggal creature
Harbinger of the Apocalypse creature ,
Harbinger of Wrath creature ,
Harefolk creature
Heggarna creature
Helashruu creature
Herald of Slaughter creature
Herald of the Void creature
Hodag creature
Holler Spider creature
Honey Bee, Giant creature
Hongaek creature
Hooden Horse creature
Horrormancer creature
Huecambra creature
Huli Jing creature
Husk creature
Hverhuldra creature
Ice Bogie creature
Ikuchi creature
Illhveli, Kembingur creature
Illhveli, Nauthveli creature
Imperial Dragon, Adult creature
Imperial Dragon, Ancient creature
Imperial Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Imperial Dragon, Young creature
Incarnate Gloom creature
Infernal Centaur creature
Infernal Swarm creature
Initiate of The Elder Elementals creature
Irid creature
Jörmungandr creature
Kachlian creature
Kamaitachi creature
Kaveph creature
Kelp Eel creature
Kezai creature
Khodumodumo creature
Kirikari creature
Knight Ab-errant creature
Kobold Spellclerk creature
Kobold War Machine creature
Lambent Witchfyre creature
Lava Keeper creature
Lazavik creature
Leech Swarm creature
Leech, Giant creature
Lich, Virtuoso creature
Linnorm, Vent creature
Lizard, Giant Frilled creature
Locksmith creature
Luck Leech creature
Lunarchidna, Greater creature
Lunarchidna, Lesser creature
Lunarchidna, Transcendent creature
Lunarian creature
Lycanthrope, Wereowl creature
Lycanthrope, Wereshark creature
Lymarien creature
Lymarien Swarm creature
Mad Piper creature
Mage-King creature
Magma Octopus creature
Malleable, Major creature
Malleable, Massive creature
Malleable, Minor creature
Malleable, Moderate creature
Manggus creature
Mari Lwyd creature
Marsh Dire creature
Megaloceros (Open Design) creature
Megawolf creature
Mei Jiao Shou creature
Merlin Ambrosius creature ,
Mongoose, Giant creature
Moonkite creature
Morgan le Fay creature
Morrígan creature
Mosquito, Carrier creature
Mother of Vampires creature
Mountain Strider creature
Mummy, Scroll creature
Murgrik creature
Mydnari creature
Naga, Swamp creature
Naizu-ha creature
Narshark creature
Nature Giant creature
Necrolord creature
Nharyth creature
Níðhöggr creature
Nightmare Predator creature
Noth-norren creature
Nyctli creature
Nyctli Swarm creature
Nymph, Mountain creature
Nymph, Mountain creature
Odin creature
Ogre, One-horned creature
Ogre, Tusked Crimson creature ,
Ogrepede creature
Onyx Magistrate creature
Ooze, Amber creature
Ooze, Eldritch creature
Ooze, Ichor creature
Ooze, Mineral creature
Ooze, Tar creature
Ophidiotaur creature
Ophinix creature
Ophio Fungus creature
Orc, Gray creature
Orniraptor creature
Orphan of the Black creature
Ortifex creature
Otterfolk creature
Overshadow creature
Pal-Rai-Yuk creature
Pale Screamer creature
Parzz’val creature
Peat Mammoth creature
Pestilence Swarm creature
Pine Doom creature
Pixie’s Umbrella creature
Plague Spirit creature
Primal Oozer creature
Pumpkin King creature
Pustulent Shambler creature
Qiqirn creature
Qiqirn, Tormented creature
Quickserpent creature
Quoreq creature
Repository creature
Righteous Sentinel creature
Robodragon creature
Rock Roach creature
Rotsam creature
Rotsam Swarm creature
Rum Lord creature
Runeswarm creature
Salamander Monarch creature
Sapphire Jelly creature
Sarsaok creature
Sasquatch creature
Satarre, Destroyer creature
Satarre, Mystic creature
Scarlet Ibis creature
Scrofin creature
Second Harbinger: War creature ,
Sema creature
Servant of the Unsated God creature
Shadow Boxer creature
Shadow of Death creature
Shiftshroom creature
Shimmer Seal creature
Shukankor creature
Shurale creature
Silenal creature
Simian, Sulsha creature
Skeleton, Cackling creature
Skeleton, Swordbreaker template
Skeleton, Swordbreaker (Veteran) creature
Snow Beetle, Giant creature
Snow Terror creature
Somberweave creature
Spark Swarm, Radiant creature
Spellhound creature
Spider, Balloon creature
Ssadar creature
Stellar Rorqual creature
Stone Creeper creature
Storm Maiden creature
Stormboar creature
Strobing Fungus creature
Swamp Lily creature
Swampgas Bubble creature
Swarm of Bees creature
Swarm of Compsognathus creature
Swarm of Death creature
Swarm of Esteron creature
Tembril creature
Tetomatli creature
Third Harbinger: Famine creature ,
Thornheart Guardian creature
Thrummren creature
Tidehunter creature
Timingila creature
Tophet creature
Treant, Mangrove creature
Tree Skinner creature
Tricenatorus creature
Troll, Deep creature
Trollkin Raider creature
Ulnorya creature
Valkruung creature
Vallowex creature
Vampire, Psychic creature
Vangsluagh creature
Viiret creature
Voidpool creature
Walled Horror creature
Wanyudo creature
Wardu creature
Warmth Thief creature
Water Scorpion, Giant creature
Water Skate, Spurred creature
Werynax creature
Wicked Skull creature
Willowhaunt creature
Windy Wailer creature
Winterghast creature
Wintergrim creature
Woe Siphon creature
Wood Ward creature
Wraith Bear creature
Wraith, Boneshard creature
Wraith, Flayed creature
Xing Tian creature
Yaojing creature
Yathon creature
Yavalnoi creature
Yowler creature
Yskarakta creature
Yumerai creature
Zalikum creature
Zeitgeist creature
Zombie, Cavefish creature
Zombie, Web creature
Zouyu creature
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