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Content Source: Tome of Beasts

Tome of Beasts. Copyright 2016, Open Design; Authors Chris Harris, Dan Dillon, Rodrigo Garcia Carmona, and Wolfgang Baur.

198 Records Found

Name Type Source
Abominable Beauty creature
Accursed Defiler creature
Ala creature
Algorith creature
Alseid creature
Amphiptere creature
Andrenjinyi creature
Angatra creature
Angler Worm creature
Anubian creature
Arboreal Grappler creature
Aridni creature
Asanbosam creature
Avatar of Boreas creature
Azza Gremlin creature
Baba Yaga’s Horsemen creature
Bagiennik creature
Bearfolk creature
Behtu creature
Beli creature
Bereginyas creature
Boloti creature
Bone Collective creature
Bone Swarm creature
Bouda creature
Cactid creature
Cambium creature
Cavelight Moss creature
Chained Angel creature
Chelicerae creature
Chernomoi creature
Child of the Briar creature
Chort creature
Chronalmental creature
Clockwork Beetle Swarm creature
Clurichaun creature
Dau creature
Death Butterfly Swarm creature
Death Butterfly Swarm, Greater creature
Deathwisp creature
Deep One creature
Deep One Archimandrite creature
Deep One Hybrid Priest creature
Demon Lord of Apes creature
Demon Lord of Bats and Fire creature
Demon Lord of Night creature
Demon Lord of the Devouring Worm creature
Demon Lord, Akyishigal, Lord of Cockroaches creature
Derro, Fetal Savant creature
Derro, Shadow Antipaladin creature
Devil, Lunar creature
Devil, Orobas creature
Devil, Salt creature
Dinosaur, Spinosaurus creature
Domovoi creature
Doppelrat creature
Dorreq creature
Dragon, Flame, Young creature
Dragon, Mithral, Adult creature
Dragon, Mithral, Ancient creature
Dragon, Mithral, Young creature
Drake, Alehouse creature
Drake, Ash creature
Drake, Coral creature
Drake, Crimson creature
Drake, Deep creature
Drake, Elder Shadow creature
Drake, Paper creature
Drake, Rust creature
Dune Mimic creature
Eel Hound creature
Einherjar creature
Empty Cloak creature
Eonic Drifter creature
Erina Defender creature
Erina Scrounger creature
Fear Smith creature
Fellforged creature
Feyward Tree creature
Fidele creature
Filcher Gremlin creature ,
Flutterflesh creature
Folk of Leng creature
Fraughashar creature
Giant Ant, Queen creature
Giant, Corpse Swallower creature
Giant, Desert creature
Giant, Flab creature
Giant, Jotun creature
Giant, Thursir creature
Gnarljak creature
Goblin, Dust creature
Golem, Eye creature
Golem, Hoard creature
Golem, Salt creature
Golem, Smaragdine creature
Golem, Steam creature
Gray Thirster creature
Grim Jester (Open Design) creature
Gug (Open Design) creature
Gypsosphinx creature
Hag, Blood creature
Harpy, Owl creature
Haugbui creature
Herald of Darkness (Open Design) creature
Horakh creature
Hulking Whelp creature
Hundun creature
Ice Maiden creature
Idolic Deity creature
Imy-Ut Ushabti creature
Isonade creature
Jaculus creature
Kalke creature
Kikimora creature
Kobold Alchemist creature
Kobold Chieftain (Open Design) creature
Kobold Trapsmith creature
Kongamato creature
Koschei creature
Kot Bayun creature
Krake Spawn creature
Lantern Dragonette creature
Lemurfolk Greyfur creature
Leshy, Common creature
Library Automaton creature
Lindwurm creature
Lorelei creature
Mahoru creature
Mallqui creature
Malphas (Storm Crow) creature
Mamura creature
Mi-Go creature
Mindrot Thrall creature
Monolith Footman creature ,
Mordant Snare creature
Morphoi creature
Moss Lurker creature
Mummy, Venomous creature
Myconid, Deathcap creature
Myling creature
Naina creature
Nichny creature
Nightgarm creature
Nihilith creature
Ooze, Amber creature
Ostrich, War creature
Putrid Haunt creature
Qwyllion creature
Rat King creature
Ratatosk creature
Ratfolk Rogue creature
Ravenala creature
Ravenfolk Doom Croaker creature
Ravenfolk Scout creature
Ravenfolk Warrior creature
Redcap creature
Rift Swine creature
Rime Worm, Grub creature
Rotting Wind creature
Rum Gremlin creature
Sandman creature
Sap Demon creature
Savager creature
Scribe of Hell creature
Serpopard creature
Shadhavar creature
Shadow Fey Duelist creature
Shellycoat creature
Shoggoth creature
Shroud creature
Skein Witch creature
Skeleton, Vine Troll creature
Snake, Swamp Adder creature
Son of Fenris creature
Spawn of the Prince of Swarms creature
Spectral Guardian creature
Spider of Leng creature
Spider, Red-Banded Line creature
Tendril Puppet creature
Titanoboa creature
Trollkin Reaver creature
Tusked Skyfish creature
Urochar creature
Ushabti creature
Vættir creature
Valkyrie creature
Voidling creature
Wampus Cat creature
Water Leaper creature
Witchlight creature
Xanka creature
Xhkarsh creature
Ychen Bannog creature
Zaratan creature
Zimwi creature
Zmey creature
Zombie, Nihilethic creature
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