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Content Source: Tome of Beasts

Tome of Beasts. Copyright 2016, Open Design; Authors Chris Harris, Dan Dillon, Rodrigo Garcia Carmona, and Wolfgang Baur.

33 Records Found

Name Type Source
Andrenjinyi creature
Avatar of Boreas creature
Deep One creature
Demon Lord of Apes creature
Demon Lord of Bats and Fire creature
Demon Lord of Night creature
Demon Lord of the Devouring Worm creature
Devil, Chort creature
Devil, Lunar creature
Dinosaur, Spinosaurus creature
Eel Hound creature
Einherjar creature
Empty Cloak creature
Eonic Drifter creature
Erina Defender creature
Erina Scrounger creature
Feyward Tree creature
Filcher Gremlin creature ,
Gray Thirster creature
Imy-Ut Ushabti creature
Koschei creature
Nihilith creature
Ooze, Amber creature
Scribe of Hell creature
Shadhavar creature
Shadow Fey Duelist creature
Spawn of the Prince of Swarms creature
Tendril Puppet creature
Ushabti creature
Vampire Warlock creature
Xhkarsh creature
Ychen Bannog creature
Zaratan creature
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