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Content Source: Tome of Heroes

Tome of Heroes ©2022 Open Design LLC; Authors: Celeste Conowitch, Jeff Lee, Sarah Madsen, Ben McFarland, Kelly Pawlik, Brian Suskind

327 Records Found

Name Type Source
Abrupt Hug spell
Adjust Position spell
Alseid race
Ambush spell
Ambush Chute spell
Ancient Dragons classoption
Animal Lords classoption
Argent Mantle magicitem
Armored Formation spell
Assassin Snake creature
Axe of Many Strikes magicitem
Babble spell
Bardo spell
Battle Mind spell
Beads of Contemplation magicitem
Beast Trainer classoption
Beast Within spell
Betraying Bauble spell
Black Powder Domain classoption
Black Powder Sorcery classoption
Bloodhound spell
Bloodlust spell
Bloodspeed Elixir magicitem
Blunted Edge spell
Bolster Fortifications spell
Bombardment of Stings spell
Bound Haze spell
Boundless Reserves feat
Buccaneer classoption
Burst Stone spell
Butterfly Effect spell
Calm Beasts spell
Campaign Field Tent magicitem
Cantrip Adept classoption
Cat Burglar classoption
Catfolk race
Cavalry Camel creature
Cestus magicitem
Chain Cilice magicitem
Chaplain classoption
Circle of Ash classoption
Circle of Bees classoption
Circle of Crystals classoption
Circle of Sand classoption
Circle of the Green classoption
Circle of the Shapeless classoption
Circle of Wind classoption
Clear the Board spell
Cloak of Tentacles magicitem
Clockwork Gardener creature
Clockwork Kestrel creature
Clockwork Lantern creature
Clockwork Tutor creature
Clockwork Warhorse creature
College of Echoes classoption
College of Investigation classoption
College of Shadows classoption
College of Sincerity classoption
College of Tactics classoption
College of the Cat classoption
Conjure Construct spell
Conjure Spectral Allies spell
Convey Inner Peace spell
Court Servant background
Courtfolk Halfling race
Crown of Thorns spell
Damaging Intel spell
Darakhul race
Dawn Blade classoption
Dead Walking spell
Deadly Salvo spell
Deepstone Cestus magicitem
Derro race
Desert Runner background
Destined background
Devouring Darkness spell
Diehard feat
Dimensional Shove spell
Diplomat background
Divine Retribution spell
Door of the Far Traveler spell
Downtime page
Draconic Rune Casting feat
Draconic Rune Casting page
Dreamwine spell
Drow race
Dunewalker Elf race
Emerald Eyes spell
Enchanted Bloom spell
Erina race
Eruption spell
Esquire’s Rowels magicitem
Ethereal Stairs spell
Faerie Fire, Mass spell
Familiar Master classoption
Feint spell
Fey Food spell
Fey-Touched Blade spell
Fireforge Dwarf race
Fireforge Dwarf race
Fletcher’s Retort Gloves magicitem
Floriographer feat
Forced Reposition spell
Forest Denizen feat
Forest Dweller background
Former Adventurer background
Freebooter background
Frenzied Bolt spell
Friend of the Forest feat
Frostfell Elf race
Furious Wail spell
Fuse Armor spell
Gale spell
Gamekeeper background
Gearforged race
Giant Foe feat
Giantstrike Cestus magicitem
Gird the Spirit spell
Glare spell
Glyph of Shifting spell
Going in Circles spell
Gravebinding classoption
Green Spirit creature
Group Themes page
Grove Warden classoption
Gunslinger classoption
Harrier feat
Harry spell
Harrying Hounds spell
Haunted Warden classoption
Heart to Heart spell
Heart-Seeking Arrow spell
Heartglow Lantern magicitem
Hedge Magic page
Hedgecraft feat
High Ground spell
Hinterfolk Halfling race
Homing Pigeon creature
Hungering classoption
Hunt Domain classoption
Hunter in Darkness classoption
Hunter’s Endurance spell
Hunting Stand spell
Hypnagogia spell
Hypnic Jerk spell
Ill-Fated Word spell
Illuminate Spoor spell
Immolating Gibbet spell
Inexorable Summons spell
Inner Resilience feat
Innkeeper background
Inspiring Speech spell
Instant Armored Vehicle spell
Instant Snare spell
Invested Champion spell
Iron Gut spell
Jagged Forcelance spell
Jarring Growl spell
Javelin of Teleportation magicitem
Killing Fields spell
Knight-Sergeant’s Surcoat magicitem
Lance spell
Lay to Rest spell
Legionary classoption
Less Fool, I spell
Life Burst spell
Life from Death spell
Lightless Torch spell
Litany of Sure Hands spell
Long Game spell
Magma Spray spell
Maim spell
Mantle of the Brave spell
Mark Prey spell
Martyr’s Rally spell
Medic’s Sash magicitem
Megaraptor creature
Memento Mori magicitem
Mercenary Company Scion background
Mercenary Recruit background
Mercy Domain classoption
Mind Maze spell
Minotaur race
Mirror Realm spell
Misdirection spell
Momentblade magicitem
Monstrous Adoptee background
Mud spell
Mushroomfolk race
Muted Foe spell
Mysterious Origins background
Never Surrender spell
Ninefold Swarmdagger magicitem
Northern Minstrel background
Oath of Justice classoption
Oath of Safeguarding classoption
Oath of the Elements classoption
Oath of the Guardian classoption
Oath of the Hearth classoption
Oath of the Plaguetouched classoption
Oathbound Implement spell
Occultist background
Old Wood classoption
Oliphaunt, Warbeast creature
Outmaneuver spell
Oversized Paws spell
Paired Gauntlets of Striking magicitem
Parfumier background
Part of the Pack feat
Path of Booming Magnificence classoption
Path of Hellfire classoption
Path of Mistwood classoption
Path of the Dragon classoption
Path of the Dragon classoption
Path of the Herald classoption
Path of the Inner Eye classoption
Path of Thorns classoption
Phase Arrow magicitem
Pierce the Veil spell
Pincer spell
Piper’s Lure spell
Pit Terrier creature
Portal Domain classoption
Portal Jaunt spell
Portal Trap spell
Potion Belt magicitem
Potion of Infinite Possibilities magicitem
Pouch of Runestones magicitem
Power Word Fling spell
Power Word Rend spell
Primordial classoption
Protection from the Void spell
Pugilist classoption
Pygmy Woolly Rhinoceros creature
Radiant Pikeman classoption
Reaper’s Knell spell
Rebounding Bolt spell
Reciprocating Portal spell
Reposition spell
Repulsing Wall spell
Reset spell
Resonant Body classoption
Retribution spell
Rifthopper classoption
Rimecaster feat
Rive spell
Riverfolk Halfling race
Rockfall Ward spell
Sacrifice Pawn spell
Sacrificial Healing spell
Safe Transposition spell
Sapper classoption
Satarre race
School of Black Powder classoption
School of Liminality classoption
Scoundrel background
Secret Blind spell
Sentry background
Serpent Domain classoption
Serpentine Sandals magicitem
Shade race
Shadow Domain classoption
Shadow Tree spell
Shadow’s Brand spell
Shared Frenzy spell
Shattershot Arrow magicitem
Shoal Gnome race
Shocking Volley spell
Sightburst spell
Silvershout spell
Smelting Blast spell
Smuggler classoption
Snake Speaker classoption
Sneer spell
Sorcerous Vigor feat
Soulbound Wraps magicitem
Soulspy classoption
Spear of the Weald classoption
Spellsmith classoption
Spiked Barricade spell
Spindrift Dwarf race
Spirit Usher creature
Spite spell
Sporcery classoption
Stalker feat
Stasis Stone magicitem
Steam Gout spell
Stone Aegis spell
Stone Fetch spell
Storm of Wings spell
Stormheart Bow magicitem
Stunning Sniper feat
Subliminal Aversion spell
Sudden Slue spell
Sudden Stampede spell
Suppress Regeneration spell
Threshold Slip spell
Timeblade classoption
Toadstool Ring spell
Toothless Beast spell
Tracer spell
Tree Heal spell
Trollish Charge spell
Trophy Hunter background
Tunnel Watcher classoption
Underfoot classoption
Urban Halfling race
Vermin Domain classoption
Victory Banner magicitem
Vine Carpet spell
War Horn spell
War Pig creature
Wasteland Strider classoption
Wastelander classoption
Watch Owl creature
Way of Concordant Motion classoption
Way of the Dragon classoption
Way of the Humble Elephant classoption
Way of the Still Waters classoption
Way of the Tipsy Monkey classoption
Way of the Unerring Arrow classoption
Way of the Wildcat classoption
Wild Hunt spell
Wind Domain classoption
Winterfolk Halfling race
Wolverine creature
Wyrdweaver classoption
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