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140 Records Found

Name Type Publisher Source
Abyssal Harvester creature
Abyssal Larva creature
Aerial Assault Gnome creature
Allip (Frog God Games) creature
Amalgamation creature
Amphisbaena creature
Angel, Chalkydri creature
Angel, Fallen Empyreal creature
Archer Bush creature
Asrai creature
Barbegazi (Ice Gnome) creature
Bedlam creature
Beetle, Blister creature
Beetle, Cave creature
Beetle, Death Watch creature
Beetle, Ravager creature
Beetle, Requiem creature
Beetle, Rhinoceros creature
Beetle, Saw-Toothed creature
Beetle, Stench creature
Beetle, Water creature
Beetlor creature
Belabra creature
Biclops creature
Bleeding Horror Minotaur creature ,
Boarfolk Rager creature
Bog Beast creature
Bog Creeper creature
Bone Crawler creature
Bronze Minotaur creature
Brown Mold creature
Carrion Claw creature
Crabman creature
Dagon, Demon Lord Prince of the Sea creature
Death Cow creature
Decapus creature
Demon Lord, Kostchtchie, Demon Lord of Wrath creature
Demon Lord, Maphistal, Second of Orcus creature
Demon Lord, Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead creature
Demon Lord, Pazuzu, Demon Prince of Air creature
Demon Lord, Sonechard, General of Orcus creature
Demon Lord, Tsathogga, The Frog God creature
Demon, Derghodemon (Cockroach Demon) creature
Demon, Gharros creature
Demon, Mehrim (Goat Demon) creature
Demonic Knight creature
Demonic Mist creature
Devil, Cerberus creature
Doombat creature
Dragon Crab creature
Dragon, Smoke (Small) creature
Drake, Salt creature
Dwarf, Frost creature
Encephalon Gorger creature
Eye of the Deep creature
Fire Phantom (Frog God Games, Challenge 6) creature
Fly, Giant creature
Fogwarden creature
Gallows Tree Zombie creature
Gargoyle, Four-Armed (Frog God Games) creature
Gargoyle, Margoyle (Frog God Games) creature
Ghoul Wolf creature
Ghoul, Cinder (Frog God Games) creature
Giant, Sand creature
Giant, Sea creature ,
Giant, Volcano creature ,
Giant, Wood creature
Gibbering Abomination creature
Gibbering Orb creature
Gibbering Orb, Lesser creature
Glass Wyrm creature
Gloom Crawler creature
Golem, Blood creature
Golem, Ice creature
Golem, Magnesium creature
Golem, Ooze creature
Golem, Tallow creature
Golem, Witch-Doll creature
Golem, Wood (Frog God Games) creature
Gorgimera creature
Hell Moth creature
Hellbender creature
Hellcat creature
Huecuva (Frog God Games) creature
Human, Crazed Cannibal creature
Iron Cobra creature
Jynx creature
Karina creature
Kathlin creature
Killer Frog creature
Kraken, Sand creature
Lantern Goat creature
Lava Child creature
Leech, Cave creature
Leech, Giant (Frog God Games, Challenge 1) creature
Leprechaun creature
Lich Shade creature
Lizard, Gnasher creature
Lost Limb creature
Lurker Above creature
Lythic creature
Magmoid creature
Malignant Mouth creature
Mammoth, Woolly creature
Mantidrake creature
Mephit, Lightning creature
Mephit, Smoke creature
Mordnaissant creature
Mudbog creature
Mummy of the Deep creature
Mustard Jelly creature
Netherspark creature
Obsidian Minotaur creature
Oil Shark creature
Onyx Deer creature
Ooze, Undead creature
Ophidian (Frog God Games) creature
Orc, Greenskin Elfhunter creature
Quantum creature
Raggoth creature
Rakklethorn Toad creature
Sea Serpent, Deep Hunter creature
Sepia Snake creature
Shadow Hunter Hatchling creature
Skeletal Knight creature
Skeleton, Black creature
Skeleton, Lead creature
Sloth, Giant (Frog God Games) creature
The Horned Lord creature
Troblin creature
Troll, Cave (Frog God Games) creature
Troll, Swamp (Frog God Games) creature
Wight, Barrow creature
Wizard’s Shackle creature
Zombie, Basilisk creature
Zombie, Behir creature
Zombie, Brine creature
Zombie, Plague creature
Zombie, Purple Worm creature
Zombie, Vrock creature