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Name Type Publisher Source
Abandoned Phylactery magicitem
Animate Magic spell ,
Antimagic Core magicitem
Antimagic Weapon magicitem
Arctic Chill spell ,
Artistic Masterpiece magicitem
Book of Truth magicitem
Briefcase of Destinations magicitem
Cauldron of Wonders magicitem
Champion of the Wild spell ,
Codex Infernus magicitem
Creeping Doom spell ,
Curse of the Black Lotus spell ,
Darkblade magicitem
Death Shroud spell ,
Discover Truename spell ,
Dragon Lilies magicitem
Draught of Living Death magicitem
Elixir of Animalia magicitem
Enokitake’s Fantastic Fertilizer magicitem
Flickering Flames spell ,
Frozen Crown magicitem
Haruspex Ward magicitem
Heartjewel magicitem
Kabloom spell ,
Levinoss Pearl magicitem
Lightning Anchor magicitem
Maleophage Panacea magicitem
Mantle of the Medusae magicitem
Nemesteel Weapon magicitem
Netherclasm spell ,
Orb of Fate magicitem
Potion of Absolute Purity magicitem
Poultice of Mending magicitem
Pyroclasm spell ,
Ravenous Skull magicitem
Reaper’s Scythe magicitem
Red Harvest spell ,
Sanguine Urn magicitem
Seastone magicitem
Solstice Needle magicitem
Solstice Star magicitem
Soulflayer spell ,
Spiritskin magicitem
Sun-Cursed Blood magicitem
Sunwing Down magicitem
Talisman of Deceit magicitem
Time in a Bottle magicitem
True Telekinesis spell ,
Vessel of Dreams magicitem
Wand of Acidsap Occlusion magicitem
Yellow Hood magicitem
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