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Content Source: Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed

Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed, Copyright 2020, Chris Haskins, Nord Games LLC.

90 Records Found

Name Type Source
Alpha Werewolf creature
Ancient Vampire creature
Animated Longbow creature
Animated Object, Flying Sword creature
Animated Spiked Armor creature
Anointed King creature
Apocryphal Lich Adept creature
Apocryphal Lich Initiate creature
Apocryphal Lich Magus creature
Apocryphal Lich Master creature
Apocryphal Lich Neophyte creature
Baleful Void creature
Bast Cat creature
Bilemaw Ghoul creature
Bitter Ghast creature
Elf Zombie creature
Exalted Hierophant creature
Executioner Confidant creature
Eyeless Stalker creature
Frost Wight creature
Ghast Warlord creature
Ghost Ship creature
Ghostflame creature
Ghostly Stagecoach creature
Ghoul Gnawer creature
Ghoul Sophisticate creature
Giant Animated Armor creature
Goblin Plague-Host creature
Goblin Zombie creature
Hateful Wraith creature
Haunted Doll creature
Hobgoblin Zombie creature
Human Zombie creature
Infectious Ravener creature
Insatiable Executioner creature
Masterwork Animated Armor creature
Miniature Infantry Regiment creature
Mongrelfolk creature
Mongrelfolk Brute creature
Mongrelfolk Mite creature
Mongrelfolk Thug creature
Mongrelfolk Warrior creature
Mummified Baboon creature
Mummified Bull creature
Mummified Murderer creature
Mummy Acolyte creature
Mummy Soldier creature
Nighthulk creature
Ogre Berserker creature
Ogre Charger creature
Ogre Collector creature
Ogre Hurler creature
Ogre Master creature
Ogre Plague-Host creature
Ogre Zombie creature
Orc Plague-Host creature
Orc Zombie creature
Plague-Born Dog creature
Plague-Born Dwarf creature
Plague-Born Elf creature
Plague-Born Goblin creature
Plague-Born Hobgoblin creature
Plague-Born Human creature
Plague-Born Ogre creature
Plague-Born Orc creature
Plague-Born Troll creature
Plague-Touched Rat creature
Plague-Touched Raven creature
Tomb Hound creature
Troll Zombie creature
Ushabti creature
Werebat creature
Werebear Devotee creature
Werepanther creature
Wereraven creature
Werewolf Mauler creature
Wight Champion creature
Wight Despoiler creature
Wight Hunter creature
Wight Malignant creature
Wight Tracker creature
Wight Warrior creature
Zombie Bear creature
Zombie Dog creature
Zombie Horse creature
Zombie Ox creature
Zombie, Dragon (Adult) creature
Zombie, Dragon (Ancient) creature
Zombie, Dragon (Young) creature
Zombie, Dwarf creature
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