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Vault of Magic © 2021 Open Design LLC; Authors: Phillip Larwood, Jeff Lee, and Christopher Lockey

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Name Type Source
Agile Armor magicitem
Anchor of Striking magicitem
Angry Hornet magicitem
Animated Chain Mail magicitem
Anointing Mace magicitem
Armor of Cushioning magicitem
Armor of Spite magicitem
Armor of the Leaf magicitem
Armor of the Ngobou magicitem
Armor of Warding magicitem
Arrow of Grabbing magicitem
Arrow of Unpleasant Herbs magicitem
Asp’s Kiss magicitem
Axe of the Ancients magicitem
Badger Hide magicitem
Black and White Daggers magicitem ,
Blackguard’s Blade magicitem
Blade of Petals magicitem
Blade of the Dervish magicitem
Blade of the Temple Guardian magicitem
Blood Moon Orb magicitem
Blood Spike Armor magicitem
Blood-Soaked Hide magicitem
Bloodbow magicitem
Blooddrinker Spear magicitem
Bloodfuel Weapon magicitem
Bloodprice Armor magicitem
Bloodthirsty Weapon magicitem
Bludgeon of Nightmares magicitem
Bone Whip magicitem
Bonebreaker Mace magicitem
Bow of Accuracy magicitem
Bracers of Ganis’briel magicitem
Brawn Armor magicitem
Brazen Bulwark magicitem
Breaker Lance magicitem
Bullseye Arrow magicitem
Buzzing Blade magicitem
Candied Axe magicitem
Cephalopod Breastplate magicitem
Chainbreaker Blade magicitem
Champion’s Plate magicitem
Chieftain’s Axe magicitem
Chillblain Armor magicitem
Clockwork Mace of Divinity magicitem
Commander’s Plate magicitem
Constant Dagger magicitem
Consuming Rod magicitem
Crimson Starfall Arrow magicitem
Crusader’s Shield magicitem
Dagger of the Barbed Devil magicitem
Dawn Shard magicitem
Deadfall Arrow magicitem
Dimensional Net magicitem
Dirgeblade magicitem
Dirk of Daring magicitem
Dragonstooth Blade magicitem
Encouraging Armor magicitem
Enraging Ammunition magicitem
Ensnaring Ammunition magicitem
Entrenching Mattock magicitem
Exsanguinating Blade magicitem
Extract of Dual-mindedness magicitem ,
Fellforged Armor magicitem
Feysworn Contract magicitem
Fire Shield of Rathume magicitem
Flash Bullet magicitem
Fog Stone magicitem
Forgefire Hammer magicitem
Fountmail magicitem
Gale Javelin magicitem
Gauntlets of the Arcane Fist magicitem
Ghost Barding magicitem
Glazed Blade magicitem
Gnawing Spear magicitem
Goblin Shield magicitem
Golden Bolt magicitem
Golden Griffon Shield magicitem
Gorgon Scale magicitem
Grasping Shield magicitem
Grave Reagent magicitem ,
Grave Ward Armor magicitem
Grim Escutcheon magicitem
Grinning Skull magicitem
Hammer of Throwing magicitem
Hardening Polish magicitem
Healer’s Hand Amulet magicitem
Hellfire Armor magicitem
Helm of Velamish magicitem
Hewer’s Draught magicitem
Hexen Blade magicitem
Hidden Armament magicitem
Humble Cudgel of Temperance magicitem
Iceblink magicitem
Impact Club magicitem
Impaling Weapon magicitem
Interplanar Paint magicitem
Kelgror’s Hammer magicitem
Knockabout Billet magicitem
Labyrs of the Raging Bull magicitem
Larkmail magicitem
Leaf-Bladed Sword magicitem
Living Juggernaut magicitem
Lockbreaker magicitem
Locksmith’s Oil magicitem
Luring Perfume magicitem
Mage Hunter’s Armor magicitem
Mail of the Sword Master magicitem
Manticore’s Tail magicitem
Markum’s Glaive magicitem
Masher Basher magicitem
Meteoric Plate magicitem
Mirrored Armor magicitem
Moonsteel Weapon magicitem
Mordant Blade magicitem
Mountain Hewer magicitem
Mountaineer’s Crossbow magicitem
Muffled Armor magicitem
Mutineer’s Blade magicitem
Oak Heart Figurine magicitem
Odd Bodkin magicitem
Odorless Oil magicitem
Oil of Concussion magicitem
Oil of Defoliation magicitem
Oil of Extreme Bludgeoning magicitem
Oil of Numbing magicitem
Oil of Sharpening magicitem
Orb of Obfuscation magicitem
Pact Paper magicitem
Pestilent Spear magicitem
Phidjetz Spinner magicitem
Philter of Luck magicitem
Pick of Ice Breaking magicitem
Pistol of the Umbral Court magicitem
Poison Strand magicitem
Potent Cure-All magicitem
Potion of Air Breathing magicitem
Potion of Bad Taste magicitem
Potion of Bouncing magicitem
Potion of Buoyancy magicitem
Potion of Dire Cleansing magicitem
Potion of Ebbing Strength magicitem
Potion of Effulgence magicitem
Potion of Empowering Truth magicitem
Potion of Freezing Fog magicitem
Potion of Malleability magicitem
Potion of Sand Form magicitem
Potion of Skating magicitem
Potion of Transparency magicitem
Potion of Worg Form magicitem
Primordial Scale magicitem
Rain of Chaos magicitem
Rainbow Extract magicitem
Ravager’s Axe magicitem
Reef Splitter magicitem
Retribution Armor magicitem
Riverine Blade magicitem
Rowdy’s Club magicitem
Royal Jelly magicitem
Ruby Crusher magicitem
Rust Monster Shell magicitem
Sacrificial Knife magicitem
Sand Arrow magicitem
Sand Suit magicitem
Sanguine Lance magicitem
Scimitar of the Desert Winds magicitem
Scourge of Devotion magicitem
Scroll of Conjuring magicitem
Scroll of Fabrication magicitem
Scroll of Treasure Finding magicitem
Scrolls of Correspondence magicitem
Sea Witch’s Blade magicitem
Searing Whip magicitem
Serpent’s Scales magicitem
Serpent’s Tooth magicitem
Sharkskin Vest magicitem
Shepherd’s Flail magicitem
Shield of Gnawing magicitem
Shield of Missile Reversal magicitem
Shield of the Drakeslayer magicitem
Shield of the Fallen magicitem
Sickle of Thorns magicitem
Siege Arrow magicitem
Signaling Ammunition magicitem
Slick Cuirass magicitem
Slimeblade magicitem
Sling Stone of Screeching magicitem
Slipshod Hammer magicitem
Smoking Plate of Heithmir magicitem
Spear of the North magicitem
Spear of the Stilled Heart magicitem
Spear of the Western Whale magicitem
Spearbiter magicitem
Spectral Blade magicitem
Standard of Divinity magicitem
Steadfast Splint magicitem
Stinger magicitem
Survival Knife magicitem
Swarmfoe Suit magicitem
Sweet Nature magicitem
Sword of Fallen Saints magicitem
Tamer’s Whip magicitem
Tenebrous Flail of Screams magicitem
Thirsting Scalpel magicitem
Thirsting Thorn magicitem
Tincture of Moonlit Blossom magicitem
Tipstaff magicitem
Tonic for the Troubled Mind magicitem
Tonic of Blandness magicitem
Tracking Dart magicitem
Trident of the Vortex magicitem
Trident of the Yearning Tide magicitem
Troll Skin Armor magicitem
Trollsblood Elixir magicitem
True Authority (requires attunement) magicitem
Tyrant’s Whip magicitem
Umbral Chopper magicitem
Undine Plate magicitem
Unquiet Dagger magicitem
Unstable Bombard magicitem
Valkyrie’s Bite magicitem
Verdant Elixir magicitem
Voidling’s Fang magicitem
Wisp of the Void magicitem
Witch’s Brew magicitem
Wrathful Vapors magicitem
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