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Content Source: Wanderer’s Guide to Merchants & Magic

Wanderer’s Guide to Merchants & Magic. Copyright 2021. Eventyr Games.

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Name Type Source
Aegis of Dread magicitem
Amulet of Freshness magicitem
Angel’s Heart magicitem
Animated Painting magicitem
Animated Shield magicitem
Animator’s Quill magicitem
Arctic Ring magicitem
Argh’yak Bow magicitem
Arrow of Seeking magicitem
Assassin’s Blade magicitem
Bag of Cooling magicitem
Bag of Monsters magicitem
Bag of Shared Holding magicitem
Baneful Weapon magicitem
Basilisk’s Blade magicitem
Beacon Shuriken magicitem
Beauty’s Bane magicitem
Bladesinger’s Spear magicitem
Bone Merchant creature
Bone Merchant’s Coin magicitem
Brightmind Cap magicitem
Bronzeforge Elite Guard creature
Buckleshot Belt magicitem
Caged Star magicitem
Cat’s Eye Amulet magicitem
Champion’s Shield magicitem
Charmer’s Tambourine magicitem
Chronomancer’s Staff magicitem
Clockwork Claw creature
Clockwork Sword magicitem
Clockwork Worm creature
Commander’s Helmet magicitem
Dancer’s Boots magicitem
Death Petal Rose magicitem
Deathgrasp Glove magicitem
Djinni’s Bracers magicitem
Draconic Gargoyle creature
Dragon’s Scepter magicitem
Dragonskull Helmet magicitem
Dreamwalker’s Amulet magicitem
Envisioner’s Compass magicitem
Extending Staff magicitem
Flask of Cloning magicitem
Folding Boat magicitem
Furnace Flail magicitem
Gauntlets of Restoration magicitem
Ghost Shroud magicitem
Glove of the Woodland magicitem
Goblet of Confidence magicitem
Goodberry Hat magicitem
Grinsplitter Weapon magicitem
Guardian Ogre creature
Hag’s Delight magicitem
Hat of Naivety creature
Heartlock Armor creature
Iceshard Whip creature
Immovable Rod creature
Incense of Erudition creature
Incense of Fortitude creature
Incense of Restoration creature
Iridescent Pseudodragon creature
Jug of Endless Wind creature
Katana of the Deathtouched creature
Key to Anywhere creature
Liar’s Stone magicitem
Living Spellbook magicitem
Mage’s Blood magicitem
Mage’s Diadem magicitem
Magical Tattoo Ink magicitem
Maiming Weapon magicitem
Map of Many Places magicitem
Mithrandine Armor magicitem
Morphing Weapon magicitem
Nemesis Weapon magicitem
Observer’s Spyglass magicitem
Obsidian Spider creature
Orb of Spell Storing magicitem
Phasing Slippers magicitem
Potion of Expertise magicitem
Potion of Luck magicitem
Potion of Luck magicitem
Potion of Magic Resistance magicitem
Potion of Renewal magicitem
Potion of the Phoenix magicitem
Raven’s Feathers magicitem
Ring of Alarm magicitem
Ring of Legendary Resistance magicitem
Ring of Shadows magicitem
Ring of the Blood Pact magicitem
Ring of Tranquility magicitem
Rod of Mimicry magicitem
Rod of Rimefrost magicitem
Rope of Reaching magicitem
Safety Shell magicitem
Sands of Reminiscence magicitem
Scabbard of Sharpening magicitem
Scroll of Time Travel magicitem
Serpent’s Maul magicitem
Shapeshifter’s Sickle magicitem
Silence Serum magicitem
Smothering Cape magicitem
Sojourner’s Flute magicitem
Spellbreaker’s Axe magicitem
Spider’s Kiss magicitem
Strongspirit Mug magicitem
Sultan’s Khanjar magicitem
Survivor’s Armor magicitem
Tattoo of Absorption magicitem
Tattoo of Death Ward magicitem
Tattoo of Devastation magicitem
Tattoo of Freedom magicitem
Tattoo of Heroism magicitem
Tattoo of Power magicitem
Tattoo of Speed magicitem
Tattoo of Spell Turning magicitem
Teacup Holster magicitem
Temperate Blanket magicitem
Temporal Amulet magicitem
Thornbow magicitem
Thunderbolt Trident magicitem
Tinker’s Glasses magicitem
Tonguelasher magicitem
Transmuter’s Robe magicitem
Transmuter’s Stone magicitem
Trekker’s Helmet magicitem
Truestrike Crossbow magicitem
Vial of Spiders magicitem
Wand of Quickness magicitem
Wand of the Director magicitem
Watcher’s Visage magicitem
Wondrous Bestiary magicitem
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