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Content Source: Warlock Grimoire 3

Warlock Grimoire 3. Authors: Lou Anders, Wolfgang Baur, Celeste Conowitch, Basheer Ghouse, Richard Green, Gabriel Hicks, Victoria Jaczko, Jeff Lee, Jerry LeNeave, JB Little, Christopher Lockey, Sarah Madsen, Ben McFarland, Jonathan Miley, Kelly Pawlik, Richard Pett, Jon Sawatsky, Mike Shea, Brian Suskind, Prakash Upadhyayula, Ashley Warren, Mike Welham, and Steve Winter. © 2022 Open Design LLC.

56 Records Found

Name Type Source
Abrupt Hug spell
Anathema Locust Swarm creature
Aperture Orb magicitem
Asp Vine creature
Balefire Signal magicitem
Beast Within spell
Bombardment of Stings spell
Call Bibliolethe spell
Cataloging Book magicitem
Charming Aesthetics spell
Cloak of the Elements magicitem
Connections magicitem
Devil, Cecum creature
Exchanged Knowledge spell
Feather Token, World Tree Sapling magicitem
Fig of the Benevolent Sultan magicitem
Giggling Orb magicitem
Godstone Elemental creature
Hammer Holly creature
Hammer of Decrees magicitem
Handy Scroll Quiver magicitem
Healthful Honeypot magicitem
Hill Giant Behemoth creature
Inconspicuous Facade spell
Jack of Strings creature
Jarring Growl spell
Jester’s Stein magicitem
Kafligkaal creature
Less Fool, I spell
Ley Ferryman magicitem
Longbow of the Elder magicitem
Mad Spring Behemoth Template template
Maddening Horns magicitem
Necklace of Monsters magicitem
Never Surrender spell
Nightingale’s Shade magicitem
Nihilethic Dominator creature
Oracle Charm magicitem
Oversized Paws spell
Planar Lodestone magicitem
Rise of the Green spell
Rod of Planar Travel magicitem
Set of Runes magicitem
Slippers of the Serpent magicitem
Staff of the Wild Harvest magicitem
Sudden Sleuth spell
Suppress Regeneration spell
The Axe of Forseti magicitem
Toxic Pollen spell
Trollkin Fire Shaman creature
Trollkin Ironmonger creature
Verdant Elixir magicitem
Verses of the Deathbringer magicitem
Vile Reconstructor creature
Wraith, Oathrot creature
Zymurgic Aura spell
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