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Content Source: Warlock Grimoire 4

Warlock Grimoire 4. ©2023 Open Design LLC. Authors: Lou Anders, Wolfgang Baur, HH Carlan, Robert Fairbanks, Basheer Ghouse, Richard Green, Tim Hitchcock, Jeremy Hochhalter, Victoria Jaczko, Rajan Khanna, Sarah Madsen, Ben McFarland, Jonathan Miley, Kelly Pawlik, Sebastian Rombach, Adam W. Roy, Paul Scofield, Amber Stewart, Brian Suskind, Mike Welham.

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Name Type Source
Aberrant Foe feat
Ability Leech spell
Ahu-Nixta Cephaloid creature
Ahu-nixta Harpooner creature
Ahu-Nixta Tapper creature
Alamravene creature
Alpha Node creature
Amorphous Form spell
Amulet of Insight magicitem
Amulet of The Outer Darkness magicitem
Analyze Device spell
Aqua Descender magicitem
Ariadne’s Tools magicitem
Assassin’s Lamp magicitem
Avert The Eye spell
Awareness spell
Azure Band Enforcer creature
Azure Band Shawish creature
Baba Yaga’s Cat creature
Ball Lightning spell
Bands of Infernal Favor magicitem
Bastet Pendant magicitem
Baubles magicitem
Bless Feast feat
Blood Feeder Weapon magicitem
Body of Ruin spell
Bones of The Holy magicitem
Bottomless Tankard magicitem
Brinemaiden creature
Cassadegan Vrilwatch creature
Cedarskin Cuirass magicitem
Chittrkk’s Soul Fire spell
Cloak of Chernobog spell
Cloak of The Void magicitem
Clutch of Desolation spell
Conjure Cats spell
Conjure Plants spell
Conjure Rats spell
Corrupting Sheathe spell
Crimson Scepter magicitem
Crown of The Eagle Emperor magicitem
Dagger of Void Striking magicitem
Dampen Reaction spell
Decay Object spell
Dismantle spell
Doombringer’s Blade magicitem
Dragon Gauntlet magicitem
Dragon, Orichalcum creature
Drain Vitality spell
Dreamstride spell
Eclipse Sight spell
Elf, Windrunner Scout creature
Elf, Windrunner Skirmisher creature
Empty Rain spell
Empyrean Halo magicitem
Eternal Rancor magicitem
Event Horizon spell
Expel Spirits feat
Expert Trapsmith feat
Ezkiloth creature
Figurine of Wondrous Power, Malachite Selang magicitem
Find Diabolical Familiar spell
Flash Freeze spell
Fortify Plants spell
Frozen Starry Half Plate magicitem
Gift of The Golden Tongue spell
Gloves of Trickery magicitem
Glyph Tiles magicitem
Gnaw spell
Gnomish Tinker Scouts creature
Gnomish Tongue spell
Gorget of The Explorer magicitem
Greater Overcharge spell
Green Thumb feat
Grimoire of The Eldest magicitem
Gurravene creature
Hat Trick spell
Heart of The Dead Star spell
Helmet of Nullification magicitem
Horn of Parzelon spell
Icy Prison spell
Imbue Divine Mask spell
Infinity Key magicitem
Infuse Trigger spell
Insight spell
Key of The Starfield magicitem
King of Nothing spell
Knife Familiar creature
Lion of Parzelon spell
Lotion of Pure Filth magicitem
Mantle of The Void Lord magicitem
Memory Seeds spell
Mucus spell
Murder Spoon magicitem
Nimble feat
Nothing to See Here spell
Oath Domain classoption
Oath of Tides (Sacred Oath) classoption
Oneiromancy spell
Orichalcum Yoke magicitem
Overcharge spell
Percipient Pearl Earrings magicitem
Personal Cannibal spell
Phantasm spell
Phoenix Carpet magicitem
Plant Ley Line Hub spell
Potion of Void Survival magicitem
Psychic Beacon magicitem
Ragged Shroud magicitem
Rat Plague spell
Reciraloth creature
Rings of Embassy magicitem
Saiga Helm magicitem
Sanctify Land feat
Scarlet Key magicitem
Scavenger Background background
School of Preservation classoption
Shadow Shield spell
Sharavene creature
Shield of Annihilation magicitem
Shield of Infinity magicitem
Sigil in Yellow spell
Slippers of Subtlety magicitem
Snowshoe Rabbit Snowboots magicitem
Spoil Food and Water spell
Staff of Ruin magicitem
Staff of The Starry Abyss magicitem
Staff of Unraveling magicitem
Star Dragon’s Radiance spell
Steal Memories spell
Summon Spawn of Chernobog spell
Teeth of the Rat magicitem
Third Hand spell
Thundercrack spell
Tooth of The Wyrm spell
Truth of The Void spell
Turn Aberration feat
Unfathomable Emptiness spell
Viridriloth creature
Void Cult Warriors magicitem
Voidhelm magicitem
Vril Adept Arcane Tradition classoption
Vril Aegis spell
Vril-Ya creature
Wall of Hands spell
Waste Walker feat
Water Wight creature
Way of The Storm (Monastic Tradition) classoption
Weighty Restraints spell
Whirlwind Spherecraft magicitem
Wind Kukri magicitem
Wind of The Outer Void spell
Windblown spell
Winwydden creature
Word of Parzelon spell
Word of Unmaking spell
Xethiloth creature
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