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Content Source: Zobeck: Clockwork City

Zobeck: Clockwork City © 2022 Open Design Llc; Author: Wolfgang Baur, Mike Franke, James J. Haeck, Ben Mcfarland, Richard Pett, Christina Stiles, Matthew Stinson.

104 Records Found

Name Type Source
Absolute Command spell
Analyze Device spell
Animate Construct spell
Armored Heart spell
Armored Shell spell
Blinding Lantern magicitem
Boots of Solid Footing magicitem
Boots of The Swift Striker magicitem
Brawler’s Leather magicitem
Broom of Sweeping magicitem
Burglar’s Lock And Key magicitem
Catalyst Oil magicitem
Catapult spell
Chronomancer’s Pocket Clock magicitem
Cloak of The Inconspicuous Rake magicitem
Cloak of The Rat magicitem
Clockwork Hand magicitem
Clockwork Pendant magicitem
Clockwork Wizard School classoption
Collegian background
Comfy Slippers magicitem
Conjure Rats spell
Courtesan background
Draught of Forgetfulness magicitem
Fanged Mask magicitem
Find The Flaw spell
Fist of Iron spell
Gear Barrage spell
Gear Shield magicitem
Gift of The Golden Tongue spell
Gliding Cloak magicitem
Gnaw spell
Grinding Gears magicitem
Hardening Polish magicitem
Heartstop magicitem
Hellforging magicitem
Imbue Spell magicitem
Jungle Mess Kit magicitem
Kobold King background
Lifeblood Gear magicitem
Lock Armor magicitem
Lotion of Pure Filth magicitem
Machine Sacrifice magicitem
Machine Speech magicitem
Machine’s Load magicitem
Mass Repair Metal magicitem
Mechanical Union magicitem
Move The Cosmic Wheel magicitem
Nothing to See Here spell
Orb of Enthralling Patterns magicitem
Order of Revenge spell
Overclock magicitem
Pendulum magicitem
Percipient Pearl Earrings magicitem
Politician background
Potion of Persistence magicitem
Potion of Regurgitation magicitem
Power Word Restore magicitem
Ragged Shroud magicitem
Rat Plague spell
Rat’s Tail magicitem
Read Memory magicitem
Red Lady’s Scalpel magicitem
Repair Metal magicitem
Revenge’s Eye spell
Ring of Giant Mingling magicitem
Rings of Embassy magicitem
Ritual of Spiritbinding spell
Riverine Blade magicitem
Robe of Shards magicitem
Scarf of Deception magicitem
Scoundrel’s Gambit magicitem
Shadowhound’s Muzzle magicitem
Shifting Shirt magicitem
Shoes of The Shingled Canopy magicitem
Signet Ring of the Kobold Prince magicitem
Slippers of Subtlety magicitem
Soul Fire spell
Spice Box Spoon magicitem
Spider Grenade magicitem
Spin magicitem
Spoil Food and Water spell
Staff of The Artisan magicitem
Steal Memories spell
Steam Blast magicitem
Steam Whistle magicitem
Summon Gremlins magicitem
Tactile Unguent magicitem
Tailor’s Clasp magicitem
Teeth of Old Naga-Nar magicitem
The Fish And The Rose magicitem
Thousand Darts magicitem
Thrice-Cursed Heart magicitem
Tick Stop magicitem
Tick Stop Watch magicitem
Time In a Bottle magicitem
Time Jump spell
Timeless Engine spell
Tipstaff magicitem
Tireless spell
Vagrant’s Nondescript Cloak spell
Whispering Powder magicitem
Winding Key spell
Write Memory spell
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