Follower of the Stags

Both the forces of nature and the machinations of the races exert their individual will upon the world that surrounds them, each attempting to exert dominance over the other.

When these forces are in balance, the world is at peace, but, should one side push too hard, it can disrupt the natural order. When these two sides fall out of alignment, there are those that step in to assert control and bring both halves back into balance. These people are constantly on the lookout for things that pervert the natural world, and actively seek a means to rectify these issues. There are stories of these people told; people that exist on the fringes of society, maddened people who whisper in the woods. You are one of these people. Since you were young, the song of the world has been ever-present in your ears, calling to you for protection. Following its song led you to an order known as the Stags. These were the ones you’d heard tales of when you were younger. When you met them, one thing was abundantly clear, you were in a group who could feel that same pull of nature and knew how to answer its call to maintain balance. After following their teachings, it now falls on you to travel the world seeking out where nature and civilization are shifting too far from balance and bring both sides back into alignment.

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism Kit

Languages: Sylvan

Equipment: A ceremonial antler crown, a map marking several natural anomalies the Stags have already dealt with, an Herbalism Kit, a set of travellers clothes, and a pouch with 10 gp.

A Call for Order

Consider the events that led you to want to reorder the natural balance. Work with your GM to create the determining event that caused you to eventually seek out and join the order of the Stags or roll on the table below to determine your catalytic moment.

d6 Call for Order
1 Your family has always either been members of, or associated with, the order, and you felt most at home when working alongside them.
2 You witnessed a supernatural event destroy your home town and vowed to never let it happen to another village.
3 You received a vision of an unnaturally destructive force and you now seek to prevent the vision from becoming a reality.
4 From a young age you felt more comfortable surrounded by nature, which drew the attention of the order to you.
5 The air of mystery that surrounds the order has always fascinated you. When you finally came of age, you made it your goal to seek them out and learn their ways.
6 You worked alongside another group to infiltrate and bring down the Stags, but during your time you found their cause deeply resonated with you and so you switched sides.

Feature: Reputed Order

The Stags have developed a reputation for seeking out and dealing with natural anomalies. Because of this, some view Stags with a superstitious awe. People are just as quick to open their homes to a Stag member as they are to slam the door shut in their faces. It depends on their beliefs.

Because of the Stag’s reputation, if something is found in or around a settlement, a Stag will be the first contacted and made aware. You’ll be able to garner more information about weird events happening near you.

Suggested Quirks

Stags spend more time scouring the countryside alone than they do in crowded civilizations. Their disconnect from social constructs can leave them aloof and seemingly apart from their social surroundings. They seek balance in all aspects of their life just as in nature. Choose a quirk from the table below or feel free to create your own.

d6 Quirks
1 I prefer to spend my time in nature because civilization makes me feel uneasy.
2 Tiny insects and other creatures that most people find disturbing fascinate me.
3 The land provides me with the essentials that it takes to survive. Anything extra I prefer to give those without enough.
4 The world is not kind nor is it cruel. It just is. It is this unfiltered honesty that I seek to imbue in myself.
5 Unless you’re speaking of things I find interesting, I’ll quickly lose interest in the conversation.
6 I despise a stationary life. Nature is always in motion and so should i be.
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Knights of the Shadow Realm, Copyright 2020, David Barrentine

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