You have been gifted or trained in the power to cast out spirits that possess the living or objects. These may include spellcasters, extraplanar spirits (celestials, elementals, fiends, etc.) and incorporeal undead. You may perform exorcisms on your own or might require the permission of your religion.

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Insight.

Tool Proficiencies: Exorcism kit.

Equipment: A set of ceremonial exorcist clothes (cultural, religious, or theatrical), an exorcism kit, and a pouch containing 15 gp gained from performing past exorcisms.


You are a professional exorcist (see banishment/exorcism rules above) and may earn a comfortable (perhaps even wealthy) living as one during your adventuring downtime.

Suggested Characteristics

Exorcists tend to be solemn, stern, and commanding figures who stand apart from more traditional clerics, druids, warlocks, or shaman. They may make others uncomfortable once it is known what they do.

Choose or roll 1d4 on the table below to determine how you view and use your calling:

d4 Characteristic
1 I was formerly possessed or had a negative spiritual attachment and now seek to spare others from that fate.
2 I witnessed someone I love die or go mad from their possession, and that tragedy caused me to received my spiritual calling.
3 I am haunted by my past association with a cult of fiend worshippers and now fight against fiends and those who serve them.
4 I enjoy pitting my will against possessing spirits to prove the superiority of myself and/or my god.
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