Elf, Fading

Elves that have reached the most extreme ages take on a pale, almost translucent skin tone and appear frail and fragile to the touch. They sink deeper and deeper into a dreaming lassitude with each passing year. Most pass their days in quiet reverie and ennui.

Fading elves are few in number and have generally moved past a life of doing to a life of being. They have little use for gods, and generally ignore human deities. Some find themselves cast in the role of tutors and mentors to the younger peoples, and in that role they can excel—but many other elves are so enmeshed in their own dreamlike concerns that they see little reason to engage in the mortal world at all. Others have embraced the worst excesses of hedonism or cruelty in order to impart some meaning, no matter how dark, to their empty existences.

Racial Traits

Fading elves belong to the high elf subrace. They possess the abilities and traits of high elves found in other worlds, except as noted here.

  • Alignment: Like the elves of many other worlds, fading elves value freedom and individuality. However, most are self-centered and disinterested in the troubles of others, and many regard other peoples with open contempt. They are usually chaotic in alignment, and most are neutral or evil.
  • Languages: Fading elves speak Elven and Low Atlantean (the common tongue). They can read and write in any language they know.
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