Since that initial contact, the half-dwarf has traveled across the globe. Sometimes they pass as shorter humans, sometimes as taller dwarves. They have even fallen in love with elves, halflings, orcs, and other races; to create an abundance of other half-dwarven offshoots.

As the Takataukoga outgrew their small island and spread across the lands, they brought with them the love of camaraderie, of family, and of the hedonistic lifestyle of those at one with themselves. They bond over the smallest of common interests and defend their family (both blood and otherwise) with a savage ferocity.

They have an uncommon affinity for pets and animals of all stripes. One of the Takataukoga’s mottoes is: I judge a person by how an animal reacts to them. If a dog’s hackles Legacy of the Brain Gorger. You have the innate ability to psionically message brain gorgers or other grat’tals, as per the spell. This ability does not extend to other races. Further, you have the innate ability to detect thoughts, as per the spell, once per short or long rest. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Then you reach 5th level, you gain the Stunning Pulse ability and regain the ability to do so when you finish a short or long rest.

Stunning Pulse. As an action, you expend a Hit Die, and emit a wave of mind-rending magical power in a 30-foot cone. If you do not have any available Hit Die, you may not manifest this ability. Each creature in the area must succeed on an Intelligence saving throw (DC 8 + Intelligence modifier + proficiency bonus or take 14 (4d6) psychic damage and be stunned. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending its effect on a success.

The half-dwarf keeps this secret name in high regard and shares it to only to the most trusted individuals in their life. Some believe their “true name” gives power to those who know it.


Use these traits instead of the common ones associated with common dwarves if the other half of your bloodline is human.

  • Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1. You also increase either Strength, Constitution or Charisma by an additional 1.
  • Age. Half-dwarves mature at nearly the same rate as humans, considered young and impetuous until well into their 30’s. on average they live to about 240 years of age.
  • Alignment. Usually Good, but half-dwarves show many dispositions.
  • Size. Half-dwarves stand 5 feet tall on average (+/- 1d6 inches) and are usually stocky for their height; weighing about 175 pounds (+/- 2d10 lbs.).
  • Speed. If you are shorter than average, your Speed is 25 feet, otherwise 30 feet.
  • Languages. You weave a conversation of any slang you know. Starting with a smattering of Common and Dwarvish, plus tidbits of nearly every other humanoid language. You write in Common and Dwarvish only.
  • Diminished Darkvision. You have some use of your ancestors’ darkvision, but only to a distance of 20 feet.
  • Social Animal. You gain proficiency in Athletics, Deception, Handle Animal, Nature, Perform, and Survival. You also gain advantage when rolling dice to use the Handle Animal or Perform (dance or storytelling) skill.
  • Combat Training. In addition to proficiency in all the simple melee and ranged weapons, you also gain proficiency in battleaxe, greataxe, maul, trident, whip, and net. Your training has improved your unarmed strike more potently than most warriors—dealing 1d4 damage from a successful hit. A half-dwarf monk (or other unarmed brawler-based class) gains a +1 to damage (for every three levels) on a successful hit.
  • Mixed Blood. In addition to the impaired darkvision, you do not enjoy dwarven resilience, tool proficiency, or stonecunning.
  • Human Feat. If your non-dwarf half is human, you can gain a Feat at 1st level. If you choose a feat, you do not get an Ability Score Increase.
  • Increase to Intelligence. Through genealogical research, you find that many of your ancestors were actually crossing these blood lines secretly. You can easily pass for either branch of your family tree.
d8 Quirks
1 You feel the need to reach the furthest edges of the known world and beyond.
2 Your reputation among the locals drives you to either prove the stories true or false.
3 Tales told to you as a child drive you to reach the heights or lows of those of story and song.
4 Debts are rising and you do not want your family to starve or lose their lands.
5 Those in charge demand a yearly tribute. You need to find something of great value to buy yourself some privacy.
6 Farming (or other mundane work) is boring. You feel the need to move on and fulfill your destiny.
7 A terrible force took your family away. You must defeat this great injustice.
8 A voice in your head drives your heel to get on the road.
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