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Jotnar, Mountain



    Of all the jotnar, mountain jotnar are the most common.

    They can blend easily in with stone and their homes are inaccessible to most humanoids. They can be found in Jotunheim as well as in Midgard, where they frequently burrow out lairs.

    Bergthursar. Bergthursar are raiders and warriors, fiercely protecting their territory and attacking those they deem a threat. Bergthursar are not particularly sophisticated and it’s not uncommon for lone male warriors to set out on their own looking for glory to start their own tribe; an act that requires raiding smaller humanoids for their treasure.

    Bergthursar are fond of keeping cave bears as pets.

    Bergrisar. The more mature bergrisar are more mature, even playful, beings who are fond of tossing rocks to each other, heedless of the damage they cause to those who live below them.

    Bergjotnar. The bergjotnar is a guardian of the land, dedicated to protecting its territory. All other giants in the region, usually bergjotnar, defer to its leadership. It strides the land with great throbbing steps, wielding its metal club against any threat deemed sufficient to rouse it to action.

    When they are not active, bergjotnar blend in with mountains, drawing their knees underneath them, motionless.

    Mokkurkalfi. Bergjotnar can create mokkurkalfi, creatures made from clay formed around the heart of a corpse. They are sturdy if somewhat unreliable troops, as the shock of their sudden resurrection in a new form makes them vulnerable to psychic attacks.