Deathstalker Ranger Archetype

The Silver Wraiths tend to rely on magic when dealing with a haunting, or a manifestation of the corporeal undead. However, where spells fail it is the steel of the Deathstalkers that ends the threat. Elite hunters and warriors, the Deathstalkers are uniquely suited to handling the threats of necromancy gone awry.

Fearless. Deathstalkers must regularly kill creatures that would send even bold warriors screaming. At 3rd level, a Deathstalker is immune to the frightened condition.

Inured to Corruption. Rot and pestilence are the primary weapons of many undead, and a Deathstalker has learned to overcome them. At 7th level a deathstalker gains resistance to necrotic damage, or immunity if they already had resistance. A Deathstalker also gains resistance to poison and disease (or immunity if they already had resistance), and immunity to paralysis.

Refuse the Reaper. A Deathstalker’s sheer will often means they can fight on when they should, by rights, lay down and die. At 11th level a Deathstalker rolls with Advantage against all spells or abilities of the necromancy school, or any spells or abilities that deal necrotic damage.

Eternal Rest. At 15th level any creature slain by a Deathstalker can never be raised as an undead. Additionally, a Deathstalker ignores any resistances or immunities an undead would normally have to their weapons (though not to effects like necrotic damage, poison, etc.).

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