Occult Tradition

Your spellcasting ability comes from a devotion to an arcane tradition. While your methods might superficially resemble the studies of a wizard or the prayers of a cleric, the real source of your magic is your powerful will. You might have learned your spells communing with a powerful artifact, reciting the meditations of the sages, or during mind-bending meditations and trances.


You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened.


You gain proficiency in your choice of the Arcana, History, or Investigation skill.

You gain proficiency in one language: Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, or your choice of one language connected to your tradition.

Strength of Spirit

At 6th level, you gain proficiency in a saving throw of your choice. Additionally, whenever you make a saving throw and fail, you can spend 2 sorcery points to reroll it and take the second result.

Occult Symbol

Beginning at 14th level, you can cast symbol as though you know it, without using a spell slot. You must finish a long rest before casting it again.

Astral Knowledge

At 18th level, you learn astral projection as a sorcerer spell. It does not count against your sorcerer spells known.

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