School of Eclectic Magic

These wizards focus on a few primary spells, of which they become experts at and unlike with most wizards, these spells could be cast from any magical tradition. Spell perfectionists take these spells and do their best to minimize the amount of errors and effort it takes to cast them, making them by far the most widely used spells in their spellbooks.

Eclectic Spellcasting

At 2nd level, you choose one spell of each level from any class. You learn these spells automatically at the levels you would be able to cast them. The chosen spells count as wizard spells for you if they were not originally.

Spell Knowledge

At 2nd level, you gain proficiency in Arcana ability checks. If you already have proficiency in Arcana, you add double your Proficiency Bonus on all ability checks using that skill.

Spell Specialization

At 6th level, whenever you cast a spell that you learned through your Eclectic Spellcasting ability, you can expend a spell slot of at least the same level to force one creature that makes a saving throw against that spell to make the saving throw with disadvantage.

Spell Adept

At 10th level, whenever you cast a spell that you learned through your Eclectic Spellcasting ability that either heals hit points or does damage, you can expend a spell slot to reroll a number of the dice equal to your Intelligence modifier. You must use the new rolls.

Spell Perfection

At 14th level, choose one spell that you chose through your Eclectic spellcasting ability, even if you have not learned it yet. You may apply the effects of your Spell Specialization and Spell Adept abilities with that spell without expending any spell slots. Additionally, should another creature attempt to cast that spell within 60 feet of you, it must attempt an opposed Arcana ability check against your own Arcana ability check. If the creature fails, you gain control of the spell and can either cast it from the square of the creature that originally attempted to cast it or discharge the spell so that it is not cast. In either case, the spell slot the original creature used is expended.

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