Spirits Domain

Cleric Level Spells
1st purify food and drink, sleep
3rd blur, crown of madness
5th create food and water, slow
7th confusion, hallucinatory terrain
9th Mislead, Modify Memory

Bonus Proficiencies

When you choose this domain at 1st level, you gain proficiency in the Acrobatics or Performance skill (your choice) and brewer’s supplies.

Drunken Stamina

Also at 1st level, you have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have resistance against poison damage. If you already have poison resistance, you have poison immunity instead.

Channel Divinity: Fire Breath

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to ignite alcohol in your mouth and exhale it like a dragon’s breath. As an action, you ignite a mouthful of alcohol. Each hostile creature in a 30 foot cone must make a Dexterity saving throw. A creature takes fire damage equal to 2d10 + your cleric level on a failed saving throw, and half as much damage on a successful one. A creature that has total cover from you is not affected.

Drunken Recovery

Starting at 6th level, you always seem to get a lucky bounce at the right moment. When you make an ability check, an attack roll, or a saving throw and have disadvantage, you can spend a spell slot to cancel the disadvantage for that roll.

Spit Alcohol

At 8th level, you can spit alcohol from your mouth. Once on each of your turns when a creature hits you with a weapon attack, you can spit alcohol back at the attacker, inflicting 1d8 poison damage. When you reach 14th level, the extra damage increases to 2d8.

Endless Party

Starting at 17th level, you can use your action to inebriate living beings. All living foes within 60 feet must make a Constitution saving throw. Any creature who fails is poisoned for 1 minute. You can use a spell slot to extend the duration for an additional minute, but all creatures in the area of effect can make another Constitution saving throw to avoid the effect. This feature does not work on construct, elementals, or undead.

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