Unshaped Rogue

Lies and cruelty. For some rogues the innate potential to deeply harm others, in the flesh and the soul, becomes a path to follow. By discovering and channeling such power through acts and words, you learn how to twist your appearance and your trickery becomes a deadly weapon.

Way of the Trickster

At 3rd level, you learn the minor illusion cantrip.

You learn to twist minds and bodies on a whim. You gain access to a pool of spells and spell slots according to the following table. You regain all the expended spell slots after you finish a short or long rest. Your Spell Save DC is 8 + proficiency bonus + Charisma modifier

Starting at 3rd level, you can cast disguise self and charm person.

Level Slots Slot Level
3 1 1
4 1 1
5 1 1
6 1 1
7 1 1
8 1 1
9 2 2
10 2 2
11 2 2
12 2 2
13 3 3
14 3 3
15 3 3
16 3 3
17 4 4
18 4 4
19 4 4
20 4 4

Vicious Wounds

Starting at 3rd level, after hitting with a sneak attack, you can twist the weapon (or projectile) deep inside the body of the target. The target has his movement speed halved and disadvantage on opportunity attacks until it uses an action to remove the weapon or projectile.

Also, any creature that successfully makes a saving throw against one of your Way of the Trickster spells takes psychic damage. Roll a number of d4 equal to your Sneak Attack Dice.

Once a creature suffered a Vicious Wound (from attack or spell), it is immune to these effects for 1 hour.

Smoke and Mirrors

Starting at 6th level, your lies and deceits are incredibly durable. Anytime you succeed a Deception check, or someone fails to see through one of your disguises, that target is thoroughly convinced that it’s perceiving the truth. No amount of proof presented by anyone other than you can convince the target. This effect lasts for an hour.

Improved Way of the Trickster

At 9th level you add alter self, enhance ability and mirror image to your spell selection for Way of the Trickster.

Superior Way of the Trickster

At 13th level you add major image and phantom steed to your spell selection for Way of the Trickster.

Mirror Riposte

Starting at 17th level, your deceiving nature lets you turn the tide of a battle.

As a Reaction, when you or another creature within 30 ft. is hit by an attack, you can magically swap positions with another creature within 30 ft. of you. If one or both creatures are unwilling to trade places, they may attempt a Charisma Saving Throw.

If he succeeds, this ability fails.

If the swap takes places, the creature now in place takes the result of the attack. He is still entitled to any saving throw required by the attack.

Once you use this feature, it can’t be used until the next short or long rest.

Mastery of the Trickster

At 17th level, you add confusion and greater invisibility to your spell selection for Way of the Trickster.

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