Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

These stones are carved from petrified roots to reflect the shape and visage of an animal. Within one of these stones is the soul and spirit of a sacrificed beast. They are used to grant immortal life to animal companions, banish troublesome predators, and more. The creature’s essence stays within until the stone is broken, upon which point the soul is released and the creature cannot be resurrected or reincarnated by any means.

While carrying this item, a spectral representation of the animal shows up beside you, resembling the creature’s likeness while in its prime. The specter follows you at all times and can be seen by all.

It can be dismissed and brought back as a bonus action. So long as you carry this stone, you can interact with the animal as if it were still alive, speaking to it if able, though it cannot physically interact with the material world. It can gesture to indicate directions and communicate very basic single-word ideas to its user telepathically.

Wraithstones have a number of charges, depending on the size the creature stored within them. Note that the more charges, the bigger the beast, the more expensive the stone will be. See Wraithstone Charges table.

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