Awakened from Death

4nd-level necromancy

Classes: cleric, legendary shaman

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Range: touch

Components: V, S, M (a white shawl or prayer cloth and incense)

Duration: 1 week

This spell functions like raise dead, but while its body is restored the target is not fully brought back to life. Its body ceases to decay, as gentle repose, and like that spell, time spent awakened from death does not count against the time limit on bringing a creature back from the dead. While reanimated by this spell, the target hovers on death’s door, able to take only a single Dash action each round and unable to attack, cast spells, or activate magic items. It can be wounded and healed, but its maximum hit points can never exceed 1 hit point per Hit Die it possesses. Increases to its Constitution score cannot increase its hit points, though the target can benefit from effects that grant temporary hit points. The target’s mind is clouded while awakened from death, as if feebleminded, as per the spell feeblemind. While the target can speak, its memory is confused and disjointed, with great difficulty remembering even basic details of its past life. A heal, wish, or greater restoration spell can restore the target’s memories and intellect, but its physical state can be restored only by returning it fully to life with raise dead or a similar effect.

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