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Content Source: Cloak & Coin Campaign Setting

Cloak & Coin Campaign Setting Copyright 2021. Red Turban Press, Inc. Authors: Laljit Sidhu, Bjorn Dingeldein, Jon Giordano

69 Records Found

Name Type Source
Aetherbane Cat creature
Alchemist class
Apothecary classoption
Armor of Faith spell
Ash Fall spell
Astral Perception spell
Aura of Salvation spell
Baleful Eye spell
Barbed Mind spell
Battle Chemist classoption
Battle Ward spell
Blind Fight feat
Bone Spurs spell
Circle of Serpents spell
Cleansing Aura spell
College of Masques classoption
Conjure Elemental spell
Conjure Minor Elemental spell
Crusader’s Aura spell
Crusader’s Smite spell
Cultist of Belilal creature
Curse of Sickness spell
Deep Intuition feat
Diplomatic feat
Discordant Melody spell
Divine Challenge spell
Draconic Blessing feat
Dracovi Elder creature
Dual Wielder feat
Enchanted Strike spell
Eyes of the Wild spell
False Death spell
Gladiator classoption
Haggler feat
Hallucinatory Presence spell
Hard To Kill feat
Healing Dyad spell
Heart Rend spell
Heavy Armor Mastery feat
Ice Caltrops creature
Identifying Strike spell
Imbiber classoption
Kobold Guardian creature
Light of Salvation spell
Mage Slayer feat
Martyr’s Blood spell
Master Apothecary feat
Master Hunter feat
Oath of the Seeker classoption
Pale Hand Training feat
Predictive Defense feat
Seafarer feat
Shard Swarm spell
Shifting Orb spell
Silver Tongued feat
Statuary spell
Tapestry Hunter classoption
Tapestry of Truth Veteran creature
Thar Clan Champion creature
Theologist feat
Thrown Weapon Mastery feat
Trapper’s Volley spell
Void spell
Volley of Thorns spell
Witch Whisper spell
Witch’s Muzzle spell
Witch’s Sleep spell
Witch’s Tongue spell
Wyrmwood Knight creature
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