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Content Source: City of Brass

City of Brass ©2018 Frog God Games; Authors: Casey Christofferson and Scott Greene

92 Records Found

Name Type Source
Aerial Servant creature
Afya Archmage creature
Afya Elemental Overlord creature
Algoid creature ,
Animated Book creature
Animated Chains creature
Ant Lion creature ,
Arcanist npc
Arcanoplasm creature ,
Archpriest npc
Arrowhawk, Elder creature
Assassin Vine creature
Avoral creature
Azer Cleric creature
Azer Elite creature
Azer Soldier creature
Barghest, Greater creature
Basalt Warhound creature ,
Basilisk, Abyssal, Greater creature
Belker Prince creature
Bloodsuckle creature
Bodak Priest creature
Cackle Bird creature
Catoblepas creature
Cheitan creature
Choromos Swarm creature
Crayfish, Giant creature
Cryohydra, Elder creature
Death Dog, Fiendish creature
Death Worm creature ,
Demonic Knight creature
Devil, Flayer creature
Devil, Hellstoker creature
Drake, Fire creature
Elemental, Earth (Greater) creature
Flumph Hunter creature
Flumph, Common creature
Formian Myrmarch creature
Formian Queen creature
Formian Taskmaster creature
Formian Warrior creature
Formian Worker creature
Ghost of a Master creature
Ghoulish Merfolk creature
Ghul Efreeti creature
Ghul Noble creature
Giant, Haidar creature
Giant, Smoke creature
Giant, Stone (Young) creature
Golem, Mithral creature
Gray Nisp creature ,
Gutslug creature
Ha-Naga creature ,
Half-Ogre Enforcer creature
Hangman Tree, Greater creature
Hobgoblin Captain creature
Kobold Assassin creature
Kytha creature
Lavawight creature
Lemure Mass creature
Lion, Dire creature
Mandragora creature ,
Mandrake creature
Margoyle, Advanced creature
Marid creature
Marsh Jelly creature
Megaloceros (Frog God Games) creature
Megaraptor, Blind Fiendish creature
Mephit, Air creature
Mephit, Earth creature
Mephit, Fire creature
Mephit, Salt creature
Monkey creature
Monkey, Magical creature
Mudman, Advanced creature
Mummy creature
Mummy Lord creature
Mummy, Djinn creature
Naga, Dark creature
Naga, Guardian (Fiendish) creature
Nymph, Fire creature
Ox, Giant creature
Pteranodon creature
Purple Worm, Fiendish creature
Salamander Monarch creature
Shape of Fire creature
Specter, Advanced creature
Treant, Vampiric creature
Tusk Lord creature ,
Xill Leader creature
Xorn, Elder creature
Yeti creature
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